A snow melting mat that saves time and money as well as protects the roof structures

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Thermofelt offers a smart way to melt snow. We have developed a product that makes melting snow on a roof easy and effortless. Snow melting mat for bitumen roof coating is a great melting system that saves time and money as well as protects the roof structure. Snow melting mat for bitumen roof coating is equipped with the heating cables that can efficiently melt snow from a roof.

We offer our services in the city of Lehmo throughout Finland. Among our clients are design offices and property owners as well as property managers and construction companies.

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Thermofelt offers a modern way to melt snow.

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Have you already heard about a snow melting mat? Thermofelt speeds up and significantly facilitates the snow melting process!

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How did we come up with an idea for the heated snow melting mats?

Since snow removal from the roofs has been an essential part of our company’s services, we began to think about how to facilitate the snow melting process. Electric snow melting systems are expensive, therefore our goal was to find an efficient and cheaper alternative.


When the snow melts, it often floats on the roof in a small puddle, and we also wanted to eliminate this problem. Our goal was to come up with a cheap and instant way of melting a snow without damaging the roof. Removing a big snow pile from the roof by hand alone is a hard and time-consuming process.

Hence, we came up with an idea to design a heated mat, that could be placed between the bitumen roof coating to melt the snow without any assistance. This snow melting mat for the bitumen roof coating has the following advantages:

  • It's a cost-effective solution that also saves time.
  • It protects the roof as there is no need to walk on the roof and try to push the snow from it.
  • There is no need to use fuel since you don’t have to drive the collected snow away.

Snow melting mat can be managed manually or automatically.

We designed the snow melting mat that can be managed manually or automatically. We always design and implement a mat according to the needs and wishes of our customers. Defrosting never starts at the air temperature below 10 degrees, even if the snow melting mat is automatic. Also, you can't accidentally leave the manual snow melting mat on so that it would damage the roof. The thermostat of a snow melting mat is designed in such a way that a mat won’t overheat or burn and break it.


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Our Unique Products

We are continuously designing new and unique products that we also market internationally. In the future, we also plan to design the bitumen roof coating mats for different purposes.


We keep getting good feedback and innovative development ideas from our customers, which help us improve and expand product range.

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We try to quickly address every single request. Our services are always professional and with the customer needs in mind.


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